Meet Kathleen

                                                                                                                                                       Kathleen is the Owner/President of Seena Publications & Production, where she works as a Developmental Idea Editor and Writing Coach.  Developmental Idea Editors give your idea structure and hard-hitting content, which adds needed focus and direction to your book, project or video advertisement. Kathleen takes your project a step further.  Not only does she provide original ideas and storylines based on your needs, she also creates a working map of the big picture.  She guides you through every aspect of the creative process so you understand how your project presents. 

Kathleen is a best selling Canadian Author with eleven published books and has been a storyteller for over 25 years. She worked as an Interview Researcher for the Senate of Canada for 7 years and was involved with numerous studies – Aboriginal Seniors Health Study, Women’s Menopause Health Alternatives, Manitoba Tourism and Provider Communication Marketing, and the Lake Winnipeg Erosion Study. All studies involved the gathering of stories from the public.  She formulated questions, supported the telling of stories, honed her listening skills and ability to hold space for the storyteller.


Kathleen is the recipient of The Queen’s Jubilee Medal – presented for her work in Arts and Culture.

The Victoria Hospitality Award. (because she is really nice)


Contact Email : \cell 778-678-6115