The World Chidren’s Summit on Peace and Nature

World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature

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On May 28-2015, 100 students four classes at Brentwoodbay Elementary from Sannich British Columbia will experience  one of the four personal peace and nature workshops being presented by The World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature.

Invariably, children’s visions of a peaceful world include their connections to nature. While these connections can take many forms, and can be expressed in many ways, it is clear that the natural world provides solace and a nurturing sense of well-being for so many.

Children everywhere are subjected to constant and growing stresses and challenges, perhaps greater than at any time in recent history, at the same time they have greater opportunity and greater freedoms than ever before.

This Summit will provide the opportunity for children to share with one another their own stories, to explore new ways of finding their “peace in nature”, and to take back with them to their homes, schools and communities the inspiration and the tools to help others find the peace they are seeking.