Writing Coach

Developmental Idea Editor, Writing Coach 

Developmental Idea Editors give your idea structure and hard-hitting content, which adds needed focus and direction to your book, project or video advertisement. Kathleen takes your project a step further. Not only does she provide original ideas and storylines based on your needs, she also creates a working map of the big picture. She guides you through every aspect of the creative process so you understand how your project presents.

Do you have a story inside you waiting to get out ?

Is writing a book a dream of yours?

l’m here to tell you the only difference between folks who want to write and those that do write lies in the Doing!  I have to wait until the kids grow up.   I need a quiet space.   No excuses accepted – I have heard them all.  I am here to make you accountable to your dream.  I am here to help you find your core strengths that will support you through the process.  I am here to help you lay out a flexible plan, a map, of your vision.  What I really think is my gift , is asking the right questions to help you build your story..

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How it works

 I offer a free consultation to determine if we feel we are a fit to work together. I prefer to work with someone weekly or biweekly.  I have worked with folks once a month however I do not recommend it. 

 My fee is $250.00 for a 2.5-3 hr session. To book a consultation or for more information drop me a note through my contact page or call 778-678-6115 – email arnasonk@gmail.com